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A visit at the nursing home

Updated: Jun 8

I remember what it felt like almost 2 years ago visiting my dad at the nursing home. He was there because while in dialysis he needed more care that only a rehab facility could provide due to his declining health. I notice when I visited I was able to get real time information and stay abreast with a care. However . I did noticed other residents who were there who did not have someone who could be there as often as I could for my dad. The take home message I took from this experience is be your family best advocate while they are in a nursing home or skilled facility. Visit as often as you can. Be their eyes and ears. Ask questions about their care. Waiting until the situation worsens or until you receive THE PHONE CALL that can change your life can shake you to the core. Don’t be afraid your love one is counting on you to be their. Even though my dad passed away . June of 2022, I am at peace knowing I did all I could do to advocate for his healthcare.

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